Motor Vehicle Inspections

Kenya Roadworthiness Inspection

New Kenya Inspection
EAA is pleased to announce our appointment to the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) for pre-shipment inspection of used vehicles for roadworthiness.
EAA Official Notice
KEBS Official Notice

Odometer Inspection

Go To Odometer Inspection
Ensure the authenticity of the mileage on your vehicle. EAA odometer inspections provide confirmation of the actual mileage your vehicle has travelled.

Digital Photo Service

Includes a detailed vehicle condition appraisal to provide comfort for your vehicle purchase. The number of photographs and vehicle details can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Pre Export Inspection Specialists
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New from the 1st of March 2019, used vehicle pre-shipment roadworthiness inspections for the Bahamas.

NEW from 1st Jan 2019 – Mauritius Pre-Export Inspections..


EAA roadworthiness (RWI) inspections for safer roads. Click here to find out how EAA RWI inspections are contributing to safer roads.

Pre-Export Appraisals

Whether you are looking for confirmation that your internet purchase is entirely what you are expecting, or simply require pre-purchase comfort from an independent third party inspectorate, EAA can fulfil all of your motor vehicle inspection needs.

Radiation Inspection

Even though it has been many years since the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima in 2011, highly radiated used vehicles are still being identified at ports within Japan.

Stolen Vehicle Check

Providing peace of mind when purchasing your vehicle..

Odometer Inspection

Go To Odometer Inspection Don’t risk purchasing a used vehicle that has been exposed to odometer tampering. Book an EAA Odometer inspection today for that extra peace of mind.

Digital Photographs

Our digital photograph service can be tailored to your needs. Enquire today how EAA can provide you with a professional photo service for your new purchase.

Electronic Fuel Injection Verification

Click here for more information on this requirement for Singapore.

Translation Services

EAA can provide all your documentation translation needs. This includes a Japanese vehicle replacement/duplicate document service.

Our Teams thoughts

At EAA we take pride in using our qualified professional expertise to ensure all vehicles are inspected to the highest standards.

EAA Chief Inspector

Chief Inspector

Our Roadworthiness inspections include a check for radiation levels on all motor vehicles. Even now it is not uncommon to find a highly radiated vehicle being sold to importing countries. EAA can provide you with the comfort that your vehicle does not pose a potential radioactive risk to you or your loved ones.

EAA Inspector


EAA Company Limited – located in more than 17 locations across Japan, and capacity to inspect more than 10,000 vehicles monthly.

EAA Inspector

Our Contracted Parties

International Membership


CITA (International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee) is an association of public and private sector organisations actively practicing compulsory inspection of in-service motor vehicles and their trailers, or with responsibility for authorising and supervising inspection organisations. EAA are proud members of CITA.

Premium Inspections

Meeting your needs

EAA Company Ltd, celebrating more than 13 years of service within the motor vehicle inspections industry. Using the latest test equipment and keeping abreast of the rapid advances in vehicle body and engine construction, as well as safety improvements, EAA delivers on its promise of ‘service excellence’.

Export Statistics

Annual/Monthly Export Statistics

Click here to view Japan Customs Used Vehicle Export statistics. These export statistics are relative to used vehicles exported from Japan, and sourced from Japan Customs. In 2019 more than 1.4 million used vehicles were exported from Japan. Search these statistics by Country, Region or Ranking.