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This Government regulated inspection for various Bureau of Standards Authorities involves the conducting of pre- export road worthiness inspection of used motor vehicles from Japan, UK, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore & Sth Africa destined for use within the Countries of The Bahamas, Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.
This ensures that only safe and environmentally friendly vehicles enter the country hence reducing the case of these countries becoming a dumping ground for poor quality used vehicles.

Bahamas Roadworthiness Inspections
Kenya Roadworthiness Inspections
Mauritius Roadworthiness Inspections
Uganda Roadworthiness Inspections
Tanzania Roadworthiness Inspections
Zambia Roadworthiness Inspections


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Yes, all inspections must be pre-paid

A maximum of 72 hours once a booking has been received along with all required documentation.

This depends on whether the cause of failure can be easily rectified. EAA will advise you of any inspection failure and where possible, allow you time to rectify the situation.

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