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This contracted assignment with the Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality (BBSQ) involves the conducting of pre- export road worthiness inspection of used motor vehicles from Japan, United Kingdon, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates destined for use within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

This enables only roadworthy and environmentally friendly vehicles to enter the country, thereby ensuring that the Bahamas does not become a dumping ground for poor quality used vehicles.

Right-hand or left-hand drive vehicles are allowed into the Bahamas. There is an age restriction of not more than 10* years for Cars, Motorcycles and Light Commercial vehicles, and not more than 12* years for Commercial Vehicles (exceeding 3,000 kg). In addition, a pre-shipment roadworthiness inspection is required for all imports.
* Please see additional FAQ regarding vehicle age limits.


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The Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality have mandated the following requirements:
Vehicle age limits
  • Cars, Motorcycles and Light Commercial: Less than10 years
  • Commercial Vehicles (exceeding 3,000 kg): Less than 12 years
Vehicle Drive
  • Can be either right-hand or left-hand drive
Pass a Radiation Inspection
  • Relative to Japan and UAE Exports only
  • Must pass an emissions test
Roadworthiness Inspection
  • Conform to the Bahamas National Standard (BNS) 2019
The following Inspection Fee will be paid in the Country of Inspection:
The inspection fees (payable directly to EAA) will be:
  • Japan - USD$150
  • United Kingdom - USD$200
  • Singapore - USD$150
  • United Arab Emirates - USD$150

Inspection fee per vehicle (regardless of make and model) is USD$150 (converted to ¥19,310)

The Inspection Fee advised by both BBSQ and on the EAA website is the total inspection fee.
No other Exporter costs should be associated with or labelled as an “inspection fee”.

EAA Inspection facilities are located within the port environment and after inspection can be loaded straight onto a vessel.
Your vehicle must be transported to the port at the Exporters cost in any case, so no additional transport fees should be required.

Pre-Shipment inspection will commence, in the stated Countries of export, from the 1st of March 2019

The Bahamas Ministry of Labour and the Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality (BBSQ) have advised no on-arrival inspections will be carried out in the Bahamas.
All used vehicle imports from Japan, Singapore, UK and UAE arriving on or after the stated date must be pre-inspected and complied in the Country of origin.

  • If shipping records show that your vehicle left Japan, Singapore, UK or the UAE prior to the 1st of March 2019, your vehicle will be accepted for registration and allowed entry.
  • If your vehicle was shipped on or after the 1st of March 2019 from Japan, Singapore, UK or UAE, and arrives without a Certificate of Compliance (COC) from EAA, your vehicle will be refused entry into the Bahamas and will need to be re-exported.

EAA provide a website portal for checking vehicle inspection details online using the vehicle chassis/VIN;

The Bahamas Customs Department have provided the following clarification for over age vehicles entering the Bahamas:

"Section 208(B) under Restricted Goods of the Customs Management Act states " Any motor vehicle or motor cycle that is ten years old or older, unless authorized by the Minister"
is restricted, which means that if importing any vehicle or motor cycle that is ten (10) years or older it has to be authorized by the Minister of Finance."

Therefore import approval must be obtained from the Minister of Finance prior to the purchase of any vehicle that will arrive into the Bahamas over the age limits already imposed.

(EAA Company Limited is not expected to police this requirement and responsibility of adherence to age regulation is for the Importer/Exporter).

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