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This contracted assignment with the Zimbabwe Ministry of Industry and Commerce involves the conducting of pre- export road worthiness inspection of used motor vehicles (and Used vehicle spare parts) from Japan, UK, Singapore, UAE and other Global origins, destined for use within the Republic of Zimbabwe.

This enables only roadworthy and environmentally friendly vehicles to enter the country, thereby ensuring that Zimbabwe does not become a dumping ground for poor quality used vehicles.

Right-hand and Left-hand drive vehicles are allowed into Zimbabwe (except for left-hand drive buses). There is currently a 10 year age restriction for used vehicles imported into Zimbabwe. Commercial vehicles with a gross weight capacity over 5,000 kg have no age restriction. A pre-shipment roadworthiness inspection is required for all used vehicle and used vehicle spare part imports.


A: The Zimbabwe Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) requires that a pre-shipment inspection for roadworthiness be carried out on all used vehicles and used vehicle spare parts imported into the Republic of Zimbabwe. EAA Company Limited has been contracted to MIC as an authorized inspection agency for the pre-shipment inspection for roadworthiness of used vehicles and used vehicle spare parts. This inspection has been initiated by MIC to minimize the risk of unsafe and substandard vehicles entering the Zimbabwe market, thus ensuring health, safety and environmental protection for Zimbabweans. All used vehicles must meet the requirements of this important safety Pre-export inspection. Please ensure inspections are completed prior to export.

• The vehicle (or used vehicle spare parts) must pass the mandated roadworthiness inspection.
• There is a 10 year age restriction applied for used vehicle imports into Zimbabwe (passenger cars and light commercials under 5 ton).  Commercial vehicles 5 ton plus have no age restriction.
• Right-hand and left-hand drive vehicles can be imported (except for left-hand drive buses).
• Should the pre-shipment inspection not be completed prior to the vehicle export, MIC will impose a penalty of 15% of the CIF value of the vehicle, in addition to the full cost of an inspection in Zimbabwe.
• Vehicles detected with odometer tampering will be rejected and cannot be imported into Zimbabwe.

1. Please send an “EAA Application form for (Zimbabwe Only)” to us by Email or Fax
2. Please ensure to attach the copy of Export Certificate of your vehicle. (Please note that the inspection cannot be conducted when there is no Export Certificate).
3. EAA will issue an invoice and email or fax it to you by return.
4. EAA will confirm the inspection place, the vehicle details, and the date of inspection booking via telephone or fax, once payment is confirmed.
5. After the inspection is completed and the vehicle is passed, EAA will send the inspection certificate to the Exporter. You may also confirm inspection details at the following E-Cert URL by input of your vehicle chassis number.

A: Inspection fees are as follows:
• Japan = USD$140
• Singapore = USD$140
• UAE = USD$140
• UK = USD$200
• South Africa = USD$140

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