Singapore Headlight Certification


EAA is recognised by the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) as a third-party inspector for Headlight levelling and luminosity certification of motor vehicles from Japan, destined for use within Singapore.
EAA has been approved to conduct verification inspections of Japanese Domestic Vehicles to determine and certify the Headlight levelling system and luminosity on each model type. This certification will confirm whether the vehicle has a manual or automatic headlight levelling system, and the headlamp luminosity.
This verification inspection ensures that only certified vehicles enter the country (Singapore) and comply with vehicle import regulations.


All Japanese Domestic vehicle exports from Japan to Singapore must have a verification certificate when presenting the vehicle to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for registration in Singapore.

We will need to know that vehicle Make and Model (i.e. Toyota Corolla), as well as the Model Code and the Engine Code. A copy of each vehicles Export Certificate will also be required.

The fee for this inspection is ¥30,000 plus VAT (to be paid prior to inspection).

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